Average delivery time is 2 to 7 days package for payment by cash on delivery, upon receipt and validation of orders. Average delivery time can be up to 5 days depending on the day orders, national holidays, your location or problems with road.



For each shipment we will send you your shipments number and a link through which you can track the status of your package. If you have not received the shipments number, please contact our customer service support, which will, after order confirmation, send a the required number.



Delivery costs include the administrative services, packaging and handling, shipping and postage costs.

Shipping costs you can personally control, by choice for your the most favorable options. Prices of administrative services, packaging, handling and communication are predetermined and can not depend of these conditions.

Delivery price within the Republic of Croatia is 29,00 kn.

Shipping costs within the European Union depend on the country to which the shipment is delivered.



Postal costs are expressed on your orders from this site, do not include handling charges direct billing or payment on delivery that can charge delivery service. Price handling charges vary depending on the delivery service, and does not amount to more than 2% of the total cost. The amount of handling charges for each delivery service, you can check on the link of delivery service.

Commando shop can not influence on these additional costs and their amount.



Packages are shipped in designated boxes or specially protected envelopes.

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